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Ellen & David Rebstock grapevin2 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 15:51:15 CDT 2011

Our small book study group has continued to use it full time.  I also like
what is in the archive.  Where else can we archive our experiences?  Let's
keep it as long as possible.
Dave Rebstock

2011/4/13 Jack Gilles <icabombay at igc.org>

> Dear Colleagues,
> You'll see by the note below from Tim Wegner to Gordon Harper and Gordon's
> reply on the question of continuing this list serve.  I don't want to make
> the decision alone as it has been for all of us and I think we need to see
> what the consensus is among us.  Here is my reply to Gordon's email.
> Gordon,
> The Springboard list serve was set up after our initial Denver meeting some
> years ago to serve not only those present, but all who agreed with the
> premise that we saw ourselves as a continuation of our individual decisions
> to be the Order.  That was not about the continuation of the form of The
> Order Ecumenical, but rather our decision to be the Order regardless of
> there being a form or not.  It was also a recognition that many other people
> had made a similar life decision, but did not have a body to join, just a
> life commitment to be of service to Those Who Care.  I knew of several
> people in India who fit that description who had never encountered the OE
> (except through my and Judy's lives), and I added them to the list.
> The second reality was that we knew from past experience that although
> there is a list serve called "Order Ecumenical" for those who once were in
> the Order, not everyone who is on that list serve still considers themselves
> to still be "the Order" and are not interested in the things we were
> discussing on the Springboard list and what we were meeting about.  So we
> didn't want to impose our work and thinking on that list serve.
> Now it is true that we haven't met for a couple of years and much of the
> work we talked about is still to be done.  But there is work going on,
> papers being written and books being published (Resurgence Publishing was an
> idea that came from a Springboard meeting in Texas).  There are now new
> sites and new technologies for our discussions that we didn't have in years
> past.  One of these is Michael May's <www.Strorywarrior.net> which has
> some great stuff on it.
> Tim mentions the $48 fee for maintaining the list serve and I would be glad
> to pick that up, no problem.  My personal choice is to keep it a while
> longer and see if it can serve us as we continue to explore the role and
> function of a diaspora Order.  But if you feel it no longer serves our need
> then we can close it up.
> Regards,
> Jack
> Begin forwarded message:
> *From: *Gordon Harper <gharper1 at mindspring.com>
> *Date: *April 12, 2011 11:40:16 PM CDT
> *To: *Tim Wegner <twegner at swbell.net>, Len Hockley <lenh at efn.org>
> *Cc: *Jack Gilles <icabombay at igc.org>
> *Subject: **Springboard Listserv*
>  Tim --
> I copying this to Len and Jack for their thoughts as well (see Tim's note
> below).
> It does seem an appropriate moment to raise the question.  The Springboard
> crowd has not met or functioned as such for a couple years, and I suspect
> (you could confirm this) that everyone on it is on either OE or Dialogue.
> Quite often, colleagues will send identical notes to all three lists, with
> the Springboard one bouncing because they are not on it.  Then a note
> comes to me for a decision about it.  (I generally have not authorized it to
> go out yet again to the same people.)
> David Dunn also set up a Ning site for Springboarders to post and exchange
> stuff after one of our last meetings, and I'm not sure of its status at
> present.  Just as technology continues to be a moving target, our group
> continues to experiment with what seems promising at the moment.  Some
> redundancy is probably a good thing; the question is how much.
> This whole arena--including the question of setting up some ongoing funding
> system--seems to be one the larger "we" should explore around next year's
> planned celebrative 50 states / 50 events / 50 years blowout on the future
> of ICA.  Not that I'm against you paying for all this, Tim, but you are
> quite right that it's not a long-term model, even if you keep finding a
> chair when the music stops.
> So, to stop rambling, I don't have a clear rationale for continuing the
> list.  Could we make its content available in some archival form if we ditch
> it?  Len, Jack, chime in --
> Gordon
>      Tim Wegner  to me
>    show details Apr 9 (3 days ago)
>   Gordon,
> Springboard hasn't been active lately. Is it still needed? Our
> account comes due May 1st. Springboard only costs $48 dollars extra,
> but I thought I'd ask so the money isn't wasted.
> Our web hosting accounting account comes with two mailing lists. OE
> is still reasonably active, although I haven't checked to see how
> many messages duplicate dialogue. But the two list memberships are
> not the same, and some people don't seem to like dialogue.
> If you do want to keep springboard, maybe the $48 should be built
> into the finances of the next meeting. Not that I mind paying, though
> I might change my mind after retiring. So far I am going from one
> layoff date to the next, having survived them all so far :-)
> The amounts for hosting are small enough we could easily cover with
> contributions. So far I have been more willing to pay myself than to
> organize a payment system, though the latter might be better
> symbolically.
> Thanks,
> Tim
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