[Springboard] Fwd: Springboard Listserv

Tim Wegner twegner at swbell.net
Wed Apr 13 22:31:06 CDT 2011

I'll go ahead and renew springboard. The $48 is not a problem, I'm 
happy and able to cover it. This was more a symbolic issue than a 
practical one, which we may want to address at some point.

I would suggest that the springboard participants decide on a focus, 
and that we avoid crossposts between oe, dialogue, and springboard, 
which defeat the purpose of a separate lists.

I'd also say that while I am not personally stuck on mailing lists, 
and that many other alternatives are available at wedgeblade.net (and 
elsewhere) for no cost except sweat equity, the mailing lists over 
the years have served our group extremely well and have provided some 
much needed communication. Our group seems by and large comfortable 
with communicating via mailing lists.


Tim Wegner

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