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Marianna Bailey wmbailey at charter.net
Thu Apr 14 07:05:01 CDT 2011

Tim and All,
Thanks for making the lists possible. It has been very meaningful and is appreciated.
Marianna & Bill
On Apr 13, 2011, at 11:31 PM, Tim Wegner wrote:

> I'll go ahead and renew springboard. The $48 is not a problem, I'm 
> happy and able to cover it. This was more a symbolic issue than a 
> practical one, which we may want to address at some point.
> I would suggest that the springboard participants decide on a focus, 
> and that we avoid crossposts between oe, dialogue, and springboard, 
> which defeat the purpose of a separate lists.
> I'd also say that while I am not personally stuck on mailing lists, 
> and that many other alternatives are available at wedgeblade.net (and 
> elsewhere) for no cost except sweat equity, the mailing lists over 
> the years have served our group extremely well and have provided some 
> much needed communication. Our group seems by and large comfortable 
> with communicating via mailing lists.
> G&P,
> Tim Wegner
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