[Springboard] The Global Guild

Jack Gilles icabombay at igc.org
Sat Apr 16 17:02:57 CDT 2011

Dear Springboard Colleagues,

Today I ran across the following TED presentation and I said "this is what I've dreamed about regarding the global guild in action".  What this tells me is that what we talked about several years ago is already happening.  This one has to do with community planning and architectural design people, but it could be any field.  I happened to be hosting a new friend, a Mexican, who I met by accident and we happened to watch it together because he hadn't heard of TED and his heart's desire is to help communities design sustainable space.  He presently sells insurance and his wife is a wedding photographer, but in his heart he is one of us, one of those who's Care is profound and is looking for expression.   But he and I are another story.  What I want to do is share this TED excerpt with you and pose my question; "How do we enable such a network with methods and tools of consciousness, effectiveness and presence? (my three triangles on 21st Century Formation)?"  I don't know and I just watched this talk, but I know somehow we need to find both a way to connect, but more importantly, we need to figure out what and how we share (and learn from) those who are engaging their care.

Just something to jog your creative processes.




P.S.  If you haven't seen this recent TED talk please watch, but bring a handkerchief as it is very moving and inspiring regarding the human spirit.


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