[Springboard] The Global Guild

Lawrence Philbrook icalarry at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 21:07:36 CDT 2011

Dear Jack

I hope you are well.  Evelyn and I are at home this morning working on 
revising the PJD to do our first bilingual PJD (Chinese, English).  It 
is scheduled at the end of May.  We meet with Gail and Dick West in an 
hour but I could not resist watching this Ted video.

I am forwarding it to all ICA's both as a prototype for innovation and 
for our Peer to Peer cooperation. If someone has a connection to them 
please invite them to our conference in Nepal next year or perhaps to 
some of the ICA US 2012 events.

He talks about creative commons license image as a way to share among 
[partnering groups which I think is great but so is an image of how we 
can transfer knowledge and experience to all ICA's and from all ICA's.  
 From all Cameron Sinclair's and to them.  He calls this Leap Back 
Technology which is "learning from".

I have been back to India and Kenya in the past 6 months and will be in 
Kenya next month to do more UN Appreciative leadership training and 
while there will do a strategic planning with ICA and colleagues.  There 
are great things going on but also great struggles.

With respect, Larry

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