[Springboard] Request for Moderator Direct Response

webbpat1 at cox.net webbpat1 at cox.net
Tue Feb 8 08:12:07 CST 2011

Dear Ones, 

I am I.  Not sure what else you need.Please keep me in whatever loop is The Global Order.

Pat Webb, Executive Director
The Silence Foundation, Inc.
Oklahoma City

In an artful way ...bringing more silence, reflection, and community-building into our world.

---- steve har <stevehar11201 at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Would you identify yourself please
> are you the owner of the listserv for both
> -wedgblade
> -springboard
> others?
> -- 
> Steve Harrington
> for the 50th Celebration Team Chair: Terry Bergdahl
> stevehar11201 at gmail.com

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