[Springboard] Alinsky & Freire and ICA's approach

Martin Gilbraith (ICA:UK) martin at ica-uk.org.uk
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Hi everyone, I am hoping that colleagues with longer memories might be 
able to help me with some history please...

The 'big idea' of the UK's new coalition government is Big Society - 
variously, applauded as empowering the people, and/or derided as a 
cynical cover for devastating public spending cuts - see 

A major initiative within this agenda is a forthcoming Government-funded 
programme to train and support a cadre of 5,000 Community Organisers, 
explicitly based on the principles of Saul Alinsky and Paulo Friere - 
see http://www.urbanforum.org.uk/briefings/community-organisers-briefing

I beleive that Friere was an influence on the early development of 
EI/ICA's methods and approach, and I understand that Alinsky was 
developing Community Organising in Chicago around the same time as 
EI/ICA was in Fifth City.

What I would really like to learn more about is *to what extent and how 
did Friere and/or Alinsky influence the develpment of EI/ICA and our 
methods and approach; and **to what extent and how might our methods and 
approach have influenced the development of Community Organising?
My partner Derek put this same question, more or less, to George Packard 
several years ago when he was here in the UK just after Derek had taken 
a course in Faith-based Community Organising through his local Unitarian 
church - but I don't much remember what he said, and I'd love to have 
any more specific recollections and (better still) any documents that 
might be relevant.

I am hoping this might inform how we seek to position ICA:UK in relation 
to this emerging new agenda, and that I might draft an article (for 
ICA:UK Network News if not also elsewhere) based on what I receive.

many thanks for any recollections or insights you can offer, best wishes,


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