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Hi Bob
We will not be able to attend, but look forward to hearing about this great

Grace and Peace.

Carol and George Walters

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Please open the attached regarding Sandra's Memorial Celebration in New York
City. I have heard from many of you regarding you plans to attend, but I
need to ask for replies again so that I can get an accurate attendance
estimate. This promises to be a great celebration. Ann Ensinger is the
Celebrant, Larry Ward is giving the Eulogy, Rebecca Nichols is hosting and
several others will be sharing tributes, prayers, songs, and stories.

We held our first memorial service for Sandra last Sunday in Corona Del Mar,
California. A group of about 40 childhood friends and her sisters and their
families gathered. There was a freeflowing sharing of memories and tributes
- joyful. One story in particular struck me as being so true to Sandra's
character. A girlfreind from 7th grade in Catholic school said that one day
the teacher, a nun, was proclaiming the evils of divorce and that all who
divorced were condenmed to eternal hell. Sandra raised her hand and stood
up, proclaiming " My parents are divorced, and they are both good, loving,
and caring people. They will not burn in Hell." Her friend said from that
point on her life changed and she saw that authority can an should be
After the celebration we went to the warf in Newport Beach, and in keeping
with her wishes to be scattered to the four winds, sent some of her ashes
into the Pacific, an act that we will repeat many places around the world.

I can't even begin to express how sustained I feel by this wonderful
community. I am excited to be working with Lidonia, Beret, David, and Karen
to compile all the prayers of transistion you sent in Sandra's final hours
into a book.

Grace and Peace,

Bob True
icatrue at igc.org

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