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Dear Bob:

I'm sorry that I'm unable to attend this wonderful celebration of Sandra.  I am with you in spirit and sending 

All blessings, 
Pat Webb, Executive Director
The Silence Foundation, Inc.
Oklahoma City

In an artful way ...bringing more silence, reflection, and community-building into our world.

---- Sandra/Bob True <icatrue at igc.org> wrote: 
> Dear Friends and Colleagues,
> Please open the attached regarding Sandra's Memorial Celebration in New York
> City. I have heard from many of you regarding you plans to attend, but I
> need to ask for replies again so that I can get an accurate attendance
> estimate. This promises to be a great celebration. Ann Ensinger is the
> Celebrant, Larry Ward is giving the Eulogy, Rebecca Nichols is hosting and
> several others will be sharing tributes, prayers, songs, and stories.
> We held our first memorial service for Sandra last Sunday in Corona Del Mar,
> California. A group of about 40 childhood friends and her sisters and their
> families gathered. There was a freeflowing sharing of memories and tributes
> - joyful. One story in particular struck me as being so true to Sandra's
> character. A girlfreind from 7th grade in Catholic school said that one day
> the teacher, a nun, was proclaiming the evils of divorce and that all who
> divorced were condenmed to eternal hell. Sandra raised her hand and stood
> up, proclaiming " My parents are divorced, and they are both good, loving,
> and caring people. They will not burn in Hell." Her friend said from that
> point on her life changed and she saw that authority can an should be
> questioned.
> After the celebration we went to the warf in Newport Beach, and in keeping
> with her wishes to be scattered to the four winds, sent some of her ashes
> into the Pacific, an act that we will repeat many places around the world.
> I can't even begin to express how sustained I feel by this wonderful
> community. I am excited to be working with Lidonia, Beret, David, and Karen
> to compile all the prayers of transistion you sent in Sandra's final hours
> into a book.
> Grace and Peace,
> Bob True
> icatrue at igc.org
> 201-209-1809

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