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Love to see it, Lela . . .

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Hi everyone, 
Don Bayer and I are planning on a month long trek throughout India late this year. It will be a first for both of us. What we seek is some travel advice from our colleagues who either live there now, or have lived there in the not too distant past, or have traveled recently to India. We will not be part of a tour group but plan to travel on our own.
Rather than list out all the questions we have on the listserv, what we would appreciate is receiving email addresses for anyone you think could be helpful. (Or please pass my email address on to them, if you find that preferable. lelajahn at hotmail.com ) We would then be able to connect with them directly seeking the benefit of their experience and specific answers to our questions.  
Finally, as many of you know from Face Book, Don and I spent a month touring Brazil last year. Part of that trip included a visit to the HDP, Bananeiras, where we both worked 30 years ago. In a word, we were astounded at what we saw! We prepared a brief pictorial report and would be happy to send it to any of you who would be interested. I would need your email address as it is an attachment and cannot be posted on the listserv. 
Thanks for your assistance, 
Lela Jahn 
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San Francisco, CA 94133 
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