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Here is help for you, Mr. Weigle!
    The connection is, there is more value in sitting on a cold stove than on a hot stove. One aspect of "faith" is the experience of value.
    Does this put me on the "hot seat?" (Oh, come on. Hot Seat is different from Hot Pants--whatever that once meant contextual wize.) 
    Inner peas, 
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        So, someone please connect for me these two themes:

        thoughts about faith and the new kitchen . . .

        There must be a connection.

        Jim Wiegel

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          Thanks Karen.

          Doing theology is somewhat of an affliction I can't seem to shake! But, as an 88-year old Chinese friend of mine says of his writings, It's medium rare -- it's not well done. :-) 

          This one needs more work, but some events tend to provoke reflection.

          How're you doing? We plan to be back in Denver from April 23 through July. Sounds like the weather there is unusually warm. Maybe it had to do with getting rid of Tebow!

          Take care.

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              some thoughts about faith

            Thanks, John!  I wondered who was still "doing theology" these days besides John Cock with his daily thoughts.  
            Karen Bueno
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