1. The cry of human suffering, pain, and anguish rises from the entire globe as a paralyzing upheaval. The sensitive man of the twentieth century stands crushed in spirit and overwhelmed by the demand to right the wrong. By sheer decision he begins to march, gathering around him the colleagues who will begin to transmute the consciousness that has permitted man's gross inhumanity to man.

2. This painful awareness of human suffering sparks a compassionate concern that compels man to corporate action. The process for lightening the load of self-conscious anguish is reentry into the renewed Church where man's solitary depths are released. In the midst of perpetual struggle the movemental Church gives form to communal concern and calls for a global care net. All of history confronts every man with the need for loving the world by embodying the Word in Jesus Christ. The style of the spirit man transforms colleagues into structural nurture for every man.

3. Gathering together in his own being all the depth struggles of modern man, the spirit revolutionary embodies the mission of global brotherhood for all men.








4. History is being redirected. Thousands wait with intense patience for the word or way which will call them to authentic service of suffering mankind. This is the situation in which the Spirit Movement of the People of God of century Twenty has come of age.

5. The Spirit Movement is not alone on the twentieth century stage of history. Wherever one looks, colleagues in concern for the future of mankind abound. The instant global communication of pain continuously raises up new colleagues. This inescapable confrontation with the anguish of the world has brought men to a conscious awareness of their commonality with all men. These are the colleagues who are struggling for a new vision of society. Their awareness of human interdependence is irreversible. Their task is to illuminate social inequalities and to call men to self-conscious sacrifice. These men-our colleagues-are groping for a comprehensive vision and common stance which will transform their concern into a comprehensive thrust. All men who experience their consciousness as consciousness know that they cannot continue alone.

6. The startling focus of this fact is that the Local Church is renewed. The renewed Church is the body which cares for the universal colleagues by creating a global network for enabling collegial relatedness. The power of this disciplined community is its stance of sustaining both colleagues and community by perpetuating the story about life and acting the servant role. The role of the Local Church is to create an atmosphere for social change while training and directing its universal colleagues. The renewed Church is rising in every continent as the local sign of global possibility.

7. The spirit revolutionary is a sign of the renewed Church. He embodies the dynamic of self-conscious intentionality which is the distinctive mark of the historical People of God. The Spirit Movement has brought into being the new corporate man. The origin of this phenomenon is the Local Church> for the spirit revolutionary has elected to participate fully in the institutions of established religion. He is sustained in this investment of himself by his relationship to the corporate structure of the global movement. His life style is cruciformity; he turns from the many attractive forms of suicide which society offers. He is the one who decides the locus of his life and the impact of his death. The spirit revolutionary stands ready for the task of bending history, and it is his style which all men are called to emulate. He cares for the world by calling his universal colleagues to become men of the spirit. The spirit revolutionary is the corporate man who stands among his colleagues representing the corporate body of the Church.

8. Corporateness is always decisional, and cannot be sustained in the absence of perpetual retraining. It is the corporate body of highly trained spirit revolutionaries which is the sociological foundation of the Spirit Movement. To stabilize and extend this foundation is the critical task facing the Spirit Movement at this point in history. The time is now for the refinement of sociological prowess among men of the spirit.








9. The wisdom of man in the present is his appropriation of centuries of reflection and prophecy. To significantly create the future, men must retrain and transform all the wisdom of the past as well as anticipating the wisdom of the future.

10. Social theoretics is the disciplined method for giving form to all of human knowledge. Structuring human knowledge comprehensively gives the necessary clarity about basic social processes. Three processes hold all the relationships of life. Economic commonality is the foundational life process. It is the process that shapes resources and decides distribution. Political commonality is the process which orders human relationships to allow all men to participate in decision­making. Cultural commonality is the process which gives form and rational illumination to man's undertakings in life. Self-conscious man takes the gift of social theoretics as the possibility for ordering the social processes to create and release humanness.

11. All the earth belongs to all the people. This is the foundational revolutionary principle. Man sees his responsibility for releasing human and natural resources so as to sustain the whole human race: All the goods belong to all the people. Every man is free to participate in deciding the course of history: All the decisions belong to all the people. The gifts of every human culture are conserved by man as he invents the foundation of humanness: All the gifts belong to all the people. The Spirit Movement is the author of this stance toward life and is responsible for its articulation.

12. The malaise of modern society is the effect of constellations of contradictions. Rational analysis considers the innumerable relationships among these constellations and among the contradictions which whirl within them. For the current century the key focus of contradiction lies in the arena of cultural commonality, and further, within the common symbols, the intensification of the cultural. This focus is mirrored at every level of society with the collapsing of the cultural or rational dimension of human activity in the face of domination by the political and the economic. The spirit revolutionary operates within this understanding and is released to make decisions about immediate demands. The contradictions are the gift of limits which is our freedom.

13. The only knowledge worth seeking in the twentieth century is that which enables the revolutionary to complete his task effectively. The task today is such that this stance excludes no wisdom out of hand, but considers every insight as an expression of humanness. Potential wisdom becomes kinetic in relation to revolutionary aim.








14. No man knows what must be done to heal society. Every man intuits what must be done. Some men have decided to decide what must be done. The Spirit Movement has assembled its forces to isolate the contradictions and to name the necessary happenings which are the transformation of society.

15. Futuric proposals are master intuitions which have been verified as belonging to all awakened men. To articulate a proposal for the future, one lives in the midst of that future. He looks at the present reality of the social process through the emerging ideology and thus allows the body social to disclose its master trend. In our time, the cultural processes of society must be empowered once again to exert imaginal influence upon the economic and political, thus releasing the human creativity within those processes into the entire social dynamic. These are no ordinary intuitions, but the life­filled product of corporate research.

16. History is transformed by radical research, which is style, stance, and method. The breadth and depth of human knowledge continues to increase in the twentieth century without foreseeable limit. The resulting mass of data can no longer be appropriated by individualistic effort. It is comprehended and released to inform action by the power of mass intuition-the intuition of thousands upon thousands. By means of a disciplined, corporate methodology the Spirit Movement assumes responsibility for all the data, its acquisition, and its sources. Spirit revolutionaries utilize this methodology in every local situation for the sake of a global research effort that is redirecting the course of history. The global Spirit Movement embodies radical research.

17. Radical research is the feedback from and the basis for tactical action. The decision to direct the flow of history is a decision to operate out of a disciplined stance. The disciplined task involves the decision to prioritize the arenas of social concern and action in relation to a comprehensive ideology, an intuitive sense of possibilities, and a careful methodology for analysis. A comprehensive system of social reformulation tactics is needed. History will acknowledge our revolutionary aim only when a covenantal body-broadly based, strategically located, and including all walks of life-begins to implement a common system. A lifetime of perpetual tactical operation lies ahead for the spirit revolutionary.

18. Reduced activism will not do. Utopian schemes by themselves are not helpful. Only a systemic metamorphosis of all social processes and dynamics can bring the new earth into being.








19. Global society is becoming global community. Every image birthed by past eras of fragmented continents and self-sufficient political entities is known intuitively to be inadequate. The shape of the new earth is now envisioned, and comprehensive tactical planning has begun.

20. The transforming task is beyond the images available to describe it. The choice before those who have decided to mold the face of the new earth is not what part of society to keep and what to destroy. The choice is what to do to enable every dimension and every trend of present society to participate creatively in the humanizing process. This task requires the skill of a social artist

21. But all action is art, and human sociality is a work of art. The spirit revolutionary stands as the one who bears the needs of the new world. It is his thrust of raw freedom which ignites possibility. No gifts are cast aside by the spirit revolutionary. Every dimension of his being-the rational, the non-rational, the spirit deeps-is required for the task. This task takes the form of everyday labor. The skill required is the sensitive shaping of the workaday world with the chisel of consciousness about consciousness. Yet what this shaping is about is the forging of a style which has powerful symbolic impact upon society. The social artist knows that his every act shapes history irrevocably.

22. Timed implosions are the sentinel happening needed in the world today. Beneath his cynicism and despair man already believes the future. The tactics of the Spirit Movement are based on the art of creating timed implosions that signal the coming of the new. Symbol creation and maintenance is the key to sustaining the revolution and the only powerful means available for addressing the lives of all men. Global symbols are required which are capable of guarding the comprehensiveness and depth of the revolutionary aim. Universally significant events encourage the participation of all men in the reshaping of the social processes. Symbols call men forth from unselfconscious darkness into the light that illuminates their freedom. All action has as its underlying aim the release of men from darkness.

23. Action has its significance only in relation to revolutionary aim. The aim of this Spirit Revolution has nothing to do in the first instance with accomplishing anything. Our aim is the context of our death. Action fades to insignificance in the awe which history occasions.







24. Our human weakness is our strength, and our limits are the possibility. Every spirit revolutionary knows he is confronted with impossible demands. Yet he has experienced what it means to go beyond mere challenge to accomplish the impossible. Success is not the issue. The issue is humanness.

25. All the earth belongs to all the people: This is our audacious concern. The call to service is the call to life expenditure in our human situation, with no more readiness than we have. Continued preparation does not alter our sense of unreadiness, yet all that we do prepares us for the actualizing of our concern. Nothing stands in our way, for the decision to shape history removes all excuses.

26. Human perspective is transmuted by the dynamic context our concern generates. To see that immediate solutions deal only with immediate problems is to be driven to stark awareness of all of history and the complex depth of human sociality. In seeking his historical role the spirit revolutionary goes beyond understanding to grasp for comprehension. He is in league with the ones who wrote, "Our eyes have seen a thousand years; we shall unceasing stand!" From primordial beginnings to eschatological depths history lies revealed and man stands transparently exposed. Nothing remains the same when consciousness illuminates consciousness.

27. The required locus of action is revealed in the perspective of past and future millennia. Comprehensive vision is only dreaming unless it enables one to embrace the objective thereness of the neighbor and the task at hand. Vision demands expenditure. It is mankind that suffers, not our vision nor our spirit. It is sociality that demands attention, not our own sustenance. Concrete sociological situations require the pouring out of our lives. We stand in society, struck with the fear and fascination of this necessity. Nothing is left to do except to continue on the journey of the spirit.

28. The Spirit Revolution has come of age. Thousands wait expectantly. The direction of history is our own history. We cannot stand apart.