Mr. Issac Nguu Mwaura, Chairman of the Village Market:

Women, girls, youth, men, good morning. I am fine myself.

When we started this week, I wanted to say something. This morning I shall.

This is sort of a new thing. It's like a miracle for this village. It has driven people to come. It looks like a movie. In their own way, they don't think anything can happen. That's why you don't have key leaders in the community; because they don't believe anything can happen. Because of talk I have heard, I know this is not a joke. I want to ask a question of the Consult leadership: How long will this take to implement so that we overcome the burden of the people here­11,000 of them? Most of the people are not looking at this Consult with particular images. Here they will say oh­ee soon. What action will that take? One thing is that we should know what we are going to do and understand it. We know what we want, but people we work for don't give a hoot what happens. Let all of us use our wisdom to help these people. It is like spoon feeding a baby but it will work.

We'll be careful what we say. We don't have problems about those who will quit. But, if I am abused or asked and people tell me I will be defeated by action that will come out of here, I say I know differently.

Whatever is said, I keep all that somewhere in my heart. I want all this to happen. It should be implemented ,not wasted.

My final word is that our love should illuminate the whole place. Kawangware is in darkness now. O, this new thing will bring it light.

Mr. Kinuthia Mugia, Music Composer:

Greetings to all o£ you.

I greet you in love of unity. To start with a Kikuyu proverb: if you are working or trying to be a lawyer for a foolish man, you have to hold a big stick and a law book. I use that because I have heard you asking questions trying to find out what to do. If you ask a small child or adult to start running, they cannot go at the same pace. As most of you know, this nation is new. The nation doesn't even know what to do about community development. If you take the hand of a child, he is going to make it. As I have looked at the list of expertise here, almost everything that is needed is on the list and these items of expertise must practically be dealt with in the plan.

We have another Kikuyu saying: a person who has a leader will not follow the wrong path. After looking at this list I see that there is broad expertise in so many fields and the key is advisors. The people do not know what to do. They can say what they want, but they don't really know what they need, they just know something is needed. You should not expect much from us, but rely on your vision. It could be easy to train people. They can't contribute money; they have none. But this village could show other places. With what brought you here as volunteers, your love, your soul, your belongings for this same reason. You should not pay attention to any ill will. We wait and expect to hold hands with you.

Mr..Pius..John­Njogu Ngnu,. Computer Programmer

I am.gratefu1 as someone who can see and has interest in this community, I cannot help but believe the mercy of the world, that has brought you here. Why, it is like the mercy o£ God.

We would have a better life if someone cared for this community. We people who live here, we are most affected. Those of us who have met here this week know this community and care about it.

We asked and this consultation developed. I would suggest the belief that everyone who comes here as a missionary goes to the rich, not to those of the community. You have given another 1ight to the community. I can assure you, ladies and gentlemen, the kind of situation you have put to use here, everyone can tell, has given us a way to see and a way to revive us.

That is the gift that you have brought us. We know it is possib1e to help our neighbor. To me, it was a real surprise to go to a neglected old elder, who is so grateful that there can be a new life and a transformation of his life. The first question we asked him was: "What changes do you see since you­were youth?" He wanted to go back to old, good times.. He told us that the old times were good. We asked him what made it good. I find that in this community there is the desire to revive this goodness for the new life of the community.

This group came here on a unique mission. The old elder said, "A community .that has no unity can be disintegrated at the throw of a stone". He told me that with help, morally and socially, we can do wonders, because, he said, "if we build together, regardless of creed, denomination or ideological feelings, anything can happen." He cannot walk 5 yards, but he told me to tell you this: the first thing to think of is getting the people together before we embark on anything. What I answered was that I can try to get my equal mates together, we will sit down together and we shall surely be successful.. People who were born and educated here think it rubbish to go back.

Before I end I know at least one gentleman in each family, and those people can bring into consciousness and set a time to come together to discuss the issues and move together.

What that old man told was like a dream. How can we have people at the wheel and formulate together a plan for going ahead? He told us that in olden times a group of young people called Njama, known as light, brought good news and information to the community. The­community would follow. The old man said, "I always :wanted to be in that, but now my days are numbered."

I, as an individual, am grateful we here form unity and form new direction.