CONTEXT: To restate the common consensus on the news conversation.

RATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To grasp, through the news events, the indicative address on one's life.

EXISTENTIAL AIM: To experience the impact of the sociological happenings on the world.


1. What are the events of the past 24 hours?

2. Which ones impact you? caught your attention?

What ones are a portent of the future?

3. What is it in the event that makes it news?

What aspect of the future is this event pointing to?

What is going on in that situation?

DYNAMICS: Get a montage out of happenings and select the one (or ones) that impacted the group to reflect on relative to the significance of that evet on one's life.


1. Encourage as many news items as possible. (Do not limit the events by using categories or "addressed you", etc.)

2. Push those events that have impacted the group.


1. This is not a time for gathering knowledge about what is going on in the world. Nor is it a time to discuss at length and come to conclusions about the problems of the world.

2. Any attempt to state trends or waves or to relate the events under one theme is inauthentic relative to the small number of events lifted up.