Aug 1, 1977


The day we sent forth the Centrums was a great day. I would like to spend a summer on the methods of profound revolution. You have to launch something before they exist. That is contrary to the establishment. We built it while we were floating it. The key is miracles. To build a vessel at sea is a wonder. A gimmick to avoid anger is irritation. It has to do with JWM and myself. When I lose my anger I want to run from myself. I get irritated with those who think the centrums boat is completed. I also get irritated with the area priors who wanted perfection of the boat before it was launched. Some thought that you could build every part of the vessel at once. If that were true no one would be killed.

We sent out that vessel for three years. The fourth is coming up. During the early times everyone was to do development. The ideas was that we could get one globalized. This last year the development band came off. The first two weeks of this month we realized how great it was. I would want tapes transposed and distributed around the world. Symbolically those reports were valuable.

In enfleshing such a thing such as development, 10% is external functioning. It means people getting off their asses and raising money. 90% is internal. The role I have played is 90% internal. I told Kroeger in Brussels that 1 would pull him out of there if he thought that Europe was HIS turf. If I come to Europe, Kroeger rolls out the red carpet and gets behind any work relative to global development. If any project director is greedy for their own project, oh, oh. We know nothing for designated money for a project. 90% of the job is interior, where you become one band. You know nothing about geography. This is what happened in development and is the essence of success. Yet if you had not brought in money to the various nexus you would not have done it. Blessed is the man who has the capacity for thinking forwards. We are looking for collegiality around the world

For two years 1 have not been interested in Operations or Management. All I have wanted is the audit and to keep us from revolutionary bankruptcy. I am not interested in research, yet God bless what has been done in research. Can you see the difference between planning and action? They are two different universes. A good idea is not enough.

Next year development must go on. Now we must turn attention to Management. We need to get it done in one year. It will call for intimate operations between development and management. For four years I have postponed the management transrational job. Now the time is ripe for transrationalizing. If so, the money flow will be moderated. It will save psychological strain. You have just so much spirit stored. So don't worry over unessentials. I am not interest in efficiency. We are after effectivity. I would rather waste money than not seeing this. We must tailor management to accomplish the task. There is potential acceleration of such force that we can initiate operations toward doing it next year.

I have no patience with national repositories. We try to begin to turn the wheel of Operations. You are dealing with a new operational scheme. The multinationals have not come up with one. We are looking for polity in the new world to be. I am not interested in the nexus being concerned with certain social demonstrations. Maybe a year from now it will be interesting. That does not mean that the nexus should not serve the social demonstrations. Our programmatic explosions will make last year look archaic. If Operations feels they have time on their hands, see that 1,000 Town Meetings happen in two years in Korea, 1,000 in Japan, Philippines and Taiwan.

The Centrum Band has nothing to do with the nexus. It has to do with the Order. Operations in Hong Kong has permission to see that the US has 1,000. People who are eager have run out of something to do. The tail is research. In a revolution there is always the dog's tail. Whoever turns out to do the dog's tail is to keep it wagging. If it can wag with the beat of humanness we will appreciate it. Development got themselves into being, Hong Kong, Brussels, Singapore and Chicago. The money raised was a joke. Now let's do it. This is the year we need the boom. Management must work out large maneuvers. We are not to wrap up the universe. Once the maneuvers are created we live out of them. Revolutionaries never accomplish their target. If the target was accomplished, they were off target. Operation's main job is to sort out operations in Chicago. Let the other nexus work on Town Meetings. All the bands are servants. The New England poets were moralists. That approach to life is in all of us. The scripture/news conversations end with a question that is a moral question, When we say we are servants that is an ontological, not a moral statement. Not servants but undergirded, supported, serviced.

The only substantial thing is the Religious House, The centrums are silly. They are not geographically related. The Religious House would not exist if it were not for the Centrum That is the reality out there, and we are the subs. The moment this is turned around, we go to pieces. Whatever we do we are empowered by the energy of the Houses. We were able to deliver an iron fist into decadent established structures. This last year on behalf of the Religious Houses we have delivered the blows. One of these days there will be heavy bunches. The energy of the Religious Houses is coagulated into bands. If it were not for the Houses, development could not exist. A social demonstration without a religious House would not exist. If you move a Religious House you have nothing. They are there for crucial impact. Most of the time people intuit the real power of the Religious House. We are the recipient of the energy the Religious House generates.

We well never go to Jerusalem and ride a donkey. That was one set of tactics. We are building tactics. What hath God wrought? Religious Houses. We are disciplined; disciplined in guts as they were fried in suffering. We saw 12 unafraid to walk into the spirit realm and say what they saw; that is discipline. It is THAT that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against. The church is comprised of bowels of iron. That is what the cruciform principle means. At house church we are eating a living cruciform of ourselves. It is tasting of one life expended in sacrificial service.

Every person needs to find a way to make fun of himself, and to have others do it too. We need to find power to harness ourselves. The four bands must run themselves down, laugh at each other. I was proud to be a part of Centrum. The real foxhole is at centrum. We need to be proud of our servanthood role. I look upon myself as a crack troop. I intend to die as a crack troop in Centrum. I would like to see us envied. The nothing dynamic of the Order, I start by getting out of bed in the morning, my dress, my reception of an assignment picked up, shoulders pulled back. I have surrendered my right to my opinion and yield to consensus. I get as much joy out of consensus as anything I can think of. I have thrown aside the luxury of ailing. I know nothing of failure; to win is discipline. You win no more or less than what you say you will deliver on. Going bang and not succeeding is not failure. To a winner, he pulls around, ant tries another way. The only time a man of the spirit could fail is the day of his death, and he cannot even fail then if he died in Jesus Christ. When you have won, you throw away your four year plan early and start the next four years. In Canada and the U.S. they have 2,800. There is a possibility of their getting to 3,800 or even 5,000. To know you can do 5,000! You tell the troops to follow the breakthrough if a hole opens up.

You operate in polarities. You hit one side and then the other. This is effectivity in profound humanness. Bullshit on Lens, and the Woman's Course. Get the women to act like Generals and build maneuvers. With LENS do not let the group tamper with it. It is one thing to refine it and another to redo it. With the Youth, we need the Town Meeting dynamic in an educational structure. We do no treks because there are no troops; yet they do need them. You do need a repository dynamic, especially research. EDGE needs to be in management, eventually. We are $1,000,000 in debt. We need to be prepared to assume that debt. You have an important job to disseminate vital information of what is going on to each and every project. This part of operations is not as clear as it will be in a few months.

In MANAGEMENT, I see three dynamics: property and legal; order finances; and production. Around those you would see that these three go on in management. I would hate to see others run out and buy production equipment ­­ not until June 1st.

In finances, we need one set of global books. Development needs to send communications every week; more importantly, on a monthly basis, like every House and nexus and social demonstrations report. Next year at Council we nail two or three priors and nail their hides to the wall.

Look at development expenditures. Come with a series of recommendations and how to cut back costs; how much money is spent for production equipment, and all other costs. We need to know this in the nexus and every area. Every problem is solved by doing sensible things like this.

In property, legal work, and upkeep: the North American priors will make up the deficit of last year by selling property. The Council next year will take care of small business; remember we are people of the ghetto and of tents.

Finish registration next year. Maybe we can work out a scheme where we are one legal entity. These past moves were temporary moves to win an immediate battle. We are crutching it.

With Research, we wag tail until next year. Next year we go full blast if management and operations breaks open. Chicago is and will be THE symbol. History has made it that way. You will slow down the movement if you do not understand it. If there is competition between Chicago and the others, you pull out that person next year. There is no griping toward the past: Chicago is IT.

The Panchayat asks no one to come, to leave, or to stay. When someone threatens to leave, give them their hat. If at the end, they hand back their hat, that is O.K. No matter what nationality. No conversation would be held unless they initiate it, and also with the hat in hand.

We need a common picture:

You are understaffed in relation to the nexus working all four dynamics. We

are trying to get a transrational pattern of paramount dynamics that will

service the houses with a three fold campaign mission: That going­on-ness,

that without which.

Research: long term futuric research that is pure research. You are responsible

for getting us ready that is not easy. You never have enough to do

with thoroughness. With practical immediate research, manuals are needed

by September. Take care of the inner operations of the intellectual and

spirit life quarter by quarter. Use spirit instruments to do that. In the

future may be practical research will be research work relative to the repository.

It means going to the University, research centers and agencies. Once

the system is created it can be repeated in Germany. With training, a

double title is needed, like research and training. Under each put three,

and not more than four sub dynamics. They will work out a way to do Academy

and research in a combined way. The interns will need to be trained in

Chicago. That is the way a revolutionary works; to have the intern program here.

Around the work focus on care for the interior life, practical research, and


With OPERATIONS that one seems to be clearest. The three circles are awaken, engage and nurture Those Who Care. You are responsible for getting material around the world as quickly as possible. In awakenment you are talking about impactment. This year the post will realty operate. We beat the hell out of the LENS, Women's, and Youth courses in order that Town Meeting is done. We took the maneuvers and ground them to pieces. We will need a strong post here. Think through your maneuvers before the area councils get started. After a precise systems of winning maneuvers is created, deliver quickly with force BEFORE trouble occurs. Be free in the post to call on any of us to help, any place. We WIN on Town Meeting. Look at the maneuvers of each nation. There is hidden paranoia in Europe, Italy, France, Netherlands, and Germamy. Do not worry about them unless they start to freeze. Any four-year plan authentically planned would happen in two years. That is a divine signal you can change maneuvers. Maneuvers absorb guilt. That leaves the future open. Maneuvers take your self-criticism and absorbs them. At the end of February you and they will know if a win is there. That means the circumstances or your action means you have to change maneuvers. God and I walk together as crack troops. The Lord says the past is approved; you are my beloved. In centrums we need crack troops. Service to the Religious Houses is our presence as crack troops.

I thought of maneuvers on a project, and began to spin. At the bottom is FORGIVENESS. If we embraced ourselves as forgiving and forgiven people! This is not a religious insight but a meneuver. Research prepare a solitary office, with big numbers on it, 1­31 for each day of the month, with 6 or 4 quotes no larger than hunter warrior card, in groups of 4 to 6, from the Saint, next from Sun Tzu, next from Jesus. All exploding. Whether by 4's or 6's, repeat, and you have 12 things of humanness. On the inside of the page is CARE, etc, and relate the quotes to this. Have 2 or 3 interludes. Have one in different type. like awakenment of the world. Next would be engagement of the world. The third would be servicing of the world. We get our campaigns and 12 windows into humanness. This is scary because of liberals. In Maliwada they have a mortar barrage and move their relation to Daily Office. We are shot at with beebees. Our toying with it here has nothing to do with reality, To be a revolutionary is to do a revolution. We do not need to do the Maliwada thing here. The journal needs to be done nicely, with maybe a pocket thing. I am after a moment by moment standing as a forgiven man, looking to the future, not the past. .Maybe have someone read the third day out loud. Maybe someone has an illuminating comment relative to our situation. Under no circumstances would be find a day in which we had not read the day's quote.

Research could take Tagore quotes plus more from his essays and do a Daily Office in which Tagore deals with our frailty or sin; then we are received in the universe. Tagore is a social poilosopher; and we express gratitude and praise. Then compassion and sacrifical service to humanity. It needs to be done in a response style. ,Maliwada and the school, to exist as one team needs the office, and they need it for sustenance of individuals. This is a strenoous moment in our history. We need to operate as forgiven people every day. Depth corporateness needs to be administered to. In February or so you could meet in Bierut or E1 Bayed to get done what needs to get done.

Joseph W. Mathews