Whenever someone asks me what we are about in the globe, I want to talk about what we are transparently doing in history. The image above is the finest symbolism we have done to hold that. The circles on the left are like those made when a pebble is thrown into a pond. You do Town Meeting, Community Forum, any place in the world and the rivulets go out. There is no end to it until it hits the periphery of the earth itself.

The thing that interests me is that we have a spatial figure for Community Forum and a time figure for Social Demonstration. That seems to be just the reverse, but is probably right on target when you think that the intensification of time becomes space and the intensification of space becomes time. The intensification of both together becomes the multifarious yin­yang of the top circle. That's the fundamental yin­yang of life and death with eternality in the middle; knowing and doing with Being in the middle, just raw Being. Right now I look upon this as primal community. When it is functioning, it is a swirl.

At this moment, nobody knows what that top circle really is. But tomorrow we are going to be doing it, probably doing that alone. Those of you who are afraid that we are not religious enough have probably wanted to pack your bags. Day after tomorrow you will pack them because you will think we are too religious, although maybe it won't smell religious to you.

Looking at these three as dynamics, the bottom two spark and something suggestive of the new frame and shape of the church is evident. The church is not something that awakens and engages and plethorizes and brings skills and nurture and community. No! No! No! The church is those things spinning together like a pinwheel. You grasp that? Get one of those little things that you hold up in the wind. When they go really fast, you look right in the middle and see a hazy blue. Someone asked me what our blue stands for. "Blue" stands for awakenment, engagement, fulfillment, prowess, nurture, and community. I want to do nothing else my whole life long.

We went to see an old missionary in Europe. That old man said, "What are you going to do when those Hindus join you? What are you going to do when those Muslims want to join you?" I beamed and told him, "You have your finger on the issue."