Structure of RS-1 Course

Holy Spirit
People of God
Saturday Sunday
6:30 Arise Arise
APRIL 26-28, 1996 7:00Worship: Intro: Cultic Act, Unprepared

Witness: 3 Acts Confession



Scripture: O.T. Amos 5:18-24

N.T. Romans 1:18-24a

Worship Intro: Architecture, Representational

Witness: Decision, Amen

Scripture: O.T. Eze. 37:1-10

N.T. Luke 12:34-57

7:30 Meal: Intro:

Cultural Symbols:

Salutation: Christ is Risen

Conv.: Church

Meal: Intro: Humility, Gratitude, Compassion

Salutation: Christ is Risen

Conv.: Vocation:

9:00 Lecture: Christ: (60 min.) Lecture: Church: (60 min.)
9:45 Study Intro: ( 5 min.) Study Intro: ( 5 min.)
Study (40 min.) Study (40 min.)
10:30 Seminar: Tillich (105 min.) Seminar: Niebuhr (105 min.)
12:00 Break - Informal Discussion (30 min.) Break - Informal Discussion (30 min.)
12:30 Meal: Intro: Contingency

Salutation: The Word

Conv.: Priesthood


Meal: Intro: Eucharist, Primary Symbol:

Salutation: The Word


Imperatives, Evaluation, Institute Story, Future Relations

2:00 Lecture: Freedom: (60 min.)
3:00 Study Intro: ( 5 min.)
Study (40 min.)
3:45 Seminar: Bonhoeffer (105 min.)
Friday 5:30Break - Informal Discussion (30 min.)
7:00Meal: Intro: self-conscious:

Salutation: Grace & Peace

Conv.: Names & Identification

6:00Meal: Intro: Secondary Symbol

Salutation: Grace and Peace

Conv.: Guernica:

8:30Lecture: God: (60 min.) 7:30Movie
9:30Study Intro: ( 5 min.) Staff meeting will be called by the First Teacher usually at the conclusion of each study assignment and end of each day
Study (10 min.) 9:15Discussion (70 min.)
9:45Seminar: Bultmann (105 min.)
10:55Worship: 10:25Worship: Moods: Humility, Gratitude, Compassion
11:00Dismissal 10:30Dismissal