Guru Guide


Ecclesiola Summer '72

The Ecclesiola is the "little church", or the gathered community which stands as the present manifestation of the Church, me three dynamics which comprise the ecclesiola are the College, or the presence of transparent being, me Seminary, or the presence of transparent knowln3 and the Sodality, or the presence of transparent doing. The purpose of the evening ecclesiola meeting is to enable the participants to objectify their Journey in consciousness during the Research Assembly.

The College dynamic provides the nurture for the spirit life and, through singing, accountability and absolution, meal rituals and visits, continually recontextualizes the task and dramatizes the care structures, the visits occasion the paradigm shift; of seeing the Other World in the midst of this world.

The Seminary dynamic provides rational expression of the impact of the Other World upon participants. me study sessions give theological content to the summer's experience and allow participants to think through the implications of the shift in their imagery.

The Sodality dynamic involves the symbolizing and performance of missional planning and doing. During this time the Sodality reflections pull together the day's Journey and create a self­conscious stewing over implications of the summer's work.

Because we stand at a focal point in time, caring for man's spirit deeps becomes the forging of humanness for next one thousand years. me ecclesiola, as an experimental dynamic, is one way a congregation can pioneer in shaping the Church of the future.