1. The function of the Local Church is to provide the way for all men to experience the fullness of life, to enable them to say "yes" to all of creation.


2. The Sustaining Congregation holds the Word in History, it continues the dramaturgical rehearsing of the Word about life.


3. The function of Seminary Training is to constantly recover the authentic Word, to be the educating seminary. The function of Word Appropriating is to teach the Christ word, The function of Archaic Grounding is to bear witness that the Christ word is the only word throughout history, to recover from history a meditative council for the seminary. The function of Relevant Theologizing is to address the Word to present needs on behalf of the future, to reinterpret for our time the contentless Word of possibility. Seminary Training knows the Word about life, knows it is the only word that has every been (and therefore ever can be), and knows those methodologies for addressing it in terms that can be understood by 20th century ears.


4. The function of  Nurtural Disciplining is to provide the corporate structure through which men may

embody the style of the Word about life. The function of Corporate Structuring is to create those sociologica1 constructs which hold the congregation and all society before its decision about life. The function of Spirit Recreating is to awaken man to the radical possibility of deciding to live. The function of  Symbolic Commissioning is to announce the role which man has decided to play in a form which enables him to embrace and actualize this decision. Nurtural Disciplining is about the external structures and inner resources which allow men to pick up a role; it is about structuring, awakening and assigning; it is the creation of ongoing framework, life dynamic and ritual enactment.



5. The function of Liturgical Rehearsing is to celebrate the word about life, to rehearse life as it is. The function of Symbol Creating is to continually create images which reflect that life stands before the mystery. The function of Journey Ritualizing is to rehearse man's life journey as existence before the mystery. The function of Perpetua1 Sacramentalizing to bring self-consciousness to the mystery in every situation. Liturgical Rehearsing holds every man before the mystery pointed to in created symbols, rehearsed in the events of life, and sensed everywhere; it is symbolizing, ritualizing and awe­creating.

6. The Sustaining Congregation holds the objective Word in being, holds man over against the reality of his own being, and holds the rehearsal of the mystery behind all being. Seminary Training puts the Word about life at the center, Nurturing Discipline creates and sustains the community of believers who live out of that Word, and Liturgical Rehearsal dramatizes that the Word is finally the way life is.



7. The function of the Catalyzing Cadre is to catalyze the congregation and guild to do their task, to be the corporate pastorate.
MISSIONAL REFOCUSING8. The function of Missional Refocusing is creating a body released for mission, is having the right truth at the right place at the right time. The function of Theological Synthesizing is to pull together the theological issue crucial at a particular time, to choose from those possible themes the one theme which will unblock the whole body. The function of Journey Mastering is to apply the right theological insight at each stage in the human journey.. The function of Corporateness Releasing is to provide the direction which releases corporate action, to create the constructs which give direction to the new man. Missional Refocusing knows that the right insight at the appropriate time together with a vision of the new focuses the corporate body; that the right issue at the right moment in the journey with a creative direction focuses the body on its external task.
EXEMPLARY PRESENCING9. The function of Exemplary Presencing is to be the example of the single thrust by the one who is truly present, to catalyze disciplined spirit passion as the well­spring for missional thrust. The function of Spirit Ordering is to plumb the interior deeps on behalf of all men, to make the journey to the center which is the ordering of life. The function of Word Celebrating is to celebrate the word of the possibility or ordering life. The function of Radically Obeying is that of being obedient to the unified thrust of life, to be obedient to the task. Exemplary Presencing is the ordering of life, celebrating the word of the possibility of order and being obedient to the direction indicated by life's order, it is faith, hope and love; it is the Journey, the possibility of the Journey, and the obedience or honoring of the Journey.
PIONEER ENABLING10. The function of Pioneer Enabling is to release those who are the pioneers, to signal the historical representational responsibility of the Church. The function of Polity Eliciting is to enable the releasing of decisions, to enable new decision making processes within the Local Church that affirm life. The function of Cruciform Serving is to embody those decisions, to be that self­sacrificing body that sets the stylistic example in the midst of the on­going activity of life. The function of Revolutionary Leading is to beckon the results of the new decision into the whole body, to take responsibility for the whole. Pioneer Enabling catalyzes consensus, embodies the consensus, implements the consensus; it turns its back, abolishes within itself, and leads in the social act.

11. The catalyzing Cadre self­consciously focuses the whole, embodies the single thrust that is at the heart of this focusing, and enables those who pioneer in putting this thrust into practice; they point the way to where they have been before and are anxious to lead all men.

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