Operation Centrum Guild

Unit 3b Week I

Spring Quarter 1973

18 Year Phase I Journey

INTRODUCTIONThis model describes the existential journey of Phase One. The categories are indicative of the universal experience of Youth, Ages 0­18. They are also self­conscious intentionality brought to bear on that experience. Thus they form the basis for all training constructs created for the Emerging Generation, especially the spiral curriculum and the pedagogical methods. These categories attempt to freight the radicality of each stage of Phase One: 0­5, 7­12, and 13­18.

0­6 Years

The moment a human being shows up in the universe he has embarked on an awesome journey. The first stage of this voyage is the years from 0 to 6. The task of any child during these years is CHARTING THE UNIVERSE. All of his faculties are consumed with exploring the reality he's shown up on ­­discovering limits, naming experiences and continuously recreating a grid that holds the sea of realities around him. It is here that the child's depths images of the universe are defined and ordered. The image of these years is WIDE­EYED FEAR AND FASCINATION, as the child pours every ounce of his energy and creativity into discovering the secret behind every situation, and punching his fist through the obvious to the transparencv of his every moment experience of life. This stage of the journey is finely attuned to and in rhythm with the mystery. The consuming life struggle of this stage is with CHAOS and ORDER. Any given situation holds the possibility of screeching primordial chaos, and in the midst of this the overwhelming drive to discern and define the ordering of the universe. The journey of this stage is held in the encounter with an infant playing with building blocks ­ exploring with his senses the strange reality that creates pain as it meets his body; awestruck at the possibility of building a balanced structure high up into the air; and, battling constantly with whether to leave it standing or reduce it to a crashing pile of rubble with one blow.

7­12 Years

From 7­12 years, Youth encounters himself at every turn. He is faced with internal turmoil which he cannot externalize or abstract himself from. He is an INTERIOR EXPLOSION. The task of this stage is DEVELOPING REFLECTIVE PROWESS, the imaginal capacity to relate his individuality to his situation, thus enabling him to he both solitary and corporate. The struggle between gaining SELF­CONSCIOUNESS of the interior assault and shutting it off, or LOBOTOMY. At the end of this stage, internal chaos has heen appropriated as a given of life to be creatively channeled.

13-18 Years

The central dynamic of the third stage of Youth is the awareness of life decision awakened by radical risk. The task is to SEIZE the CONVICTIONS by which he will order his life. In the venture of going beyond the boundaries, risking his life, and confronting death. He realizes he has a life to give form to. This is VOCATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS. The struggle is to bring FOCUS into the threads of one's being which threaten FRAGMENTATION; to gestalt one's style, role, and passion.