A. Setting: Middle of model building

Middle of philosophizing about the work, or a happening during the work

Middle of symbolic life of the sodality, such as birthdays, song writing, etc.

B. Relationships: Group of people together. Guru established as the one in charge. Objective of conversation comes from situation not one imposed. Style is free; not highly structured.

C. Timing: Decide on time beforehand, or break in when appropriate.

Can be first thing

Middle of work

Lunch hour

At the end of a day

after some particular work you could pull scripture through


A. Decide on reading style; whether read by group at home as an assignment or read by guru aloud.

If read by guru aloud:

1. Analyze beforehand. Know background of passage. Know related information about characters.

2. Give asides

3. Stop and make comments

4. Ask questions such as "I wonder how he figured that out?"

B. Cover one episode, or two or three. Not necessary to cover one chapter each day or to complete each chapter. Ordinarily cover more than one so person doesn't sit and interpret. We're after the journey or flow, not an isolated incident. Not an art form conversation. We're after reflection.


A. Ask questions that relate to your interior response relative to passage. Look for new words that describe that goingonness.

B. Ask poetic questions relative to spirit journey, such as sheet of paper that turned brown with candle behind: turns yellow, brown, flame, hole appears.

C. Discuss the dynamics that went on and the characters themselves according to the passage.

D. Avoid interpretations. Look for spirit journey objectification.

E. Define terms that release participants from particular postures, such as moralism, psychologism.

F. Define terms that get at heart of matter: ontology, center, self-conscioueness.

G. Develop method to get away from the details of the story in order to enliven the encounter.

H. Scripture is out for journey of man. Out to elicit awareness of our own journey.


A. Garrulous. Almost over talkative. Spin subject.

B. Arrive at heart tangentially. Use wisdom from lecture method. Walk around it in tangents, then pounce on it. Then give pearl of great price - statement of fact.

C. Keep distance. Not there to have people like you. You are there so the Word happens; not an illustration of how to do things.

D. They can develop into gurus. Shocked at their own insights.

E. Only goal is his transparency.