Task Force T: Consult Model


Completion of the design for a nine-day global consult model based on an extensive case study analysis of the Majuro consult. After evaluating the gifts of the Majuro consult and the lessons learned from it, the task force turned its attention to the task of designing a global consult model which could be utilized as a practical instrument of profound social change within each of the eight designated social demonstration sites. The task force consensed on the generalized product of its work needing to be threefold:

1. A Leaders Guide containing practical models, constructs and rationales

2. A Practics Manual to undergird the enablement and execution of each consult on a smooth, commonized basis

3. Back up materials such as reading lists, maps, charts, transportation scheduling and other details and instruments necessary to the successful orchestration of a global social demonstration consult.


1. Struggling to forge the roles, elements, functions and dynamics which make each global social demonstration consult a finely honed tool for profound social change.

2. A continuing conversation throughout our session on what was behind the consult, enabled us to create an inclusive consult design.

3. Construction of the total consult design in a nine-day format enabled us to move quickly into the particulars of each day.


  1. Cover Page
  2. Descriptive Statement
  3. Chart
  4. Inclusive Consult Design
  5. Five - Day Consult Design
  6. Day of Briefing
  7. Meal Contexts /Spins
  8. Field Visit Outline/Screen
  9. Workshop Procedures
  10. Day of Debriefing
  11. Nine-Day Consult Design

  1. Local Prep/Set Up
  2. Travel/Arrangement Guide
  3. Decor Rationale Model
  4. Expertise Model


1. Samples of Participant Materials

  1. Description on each social demonstration
  1. Framing materials on each social demonstration
  2. Packing Materials List
  3. Guardian Bibliography of Study Documents and Common Memory




Task Force T: Consult Model


I. Computer data on global guardian network by name and occupational skill, etc., needs to be assembled and stored for rapid retrieval from all the areas of the globe.

II. The 24 social demonstrations will, through the consult model, intensify Guardian relationships to the movement through the recovery of vocation and profound social engagement. The implication for the Council is to develop the training constructs needed beyond LENS and SMS to enable broader Guardian leadership to emerge within the movement around the world, and as part of this Guardian intensification, the Council needs to come to terms with substantial increases in all Guardian Consults at Centrum: Chicago Nexus this coming year,

III. The various forms of Guardian Net emerging through consults like Majuro require the Council to think through a self-conscious design and rationale for structuring these relationships into the form of a global support system rather than allowing new forms of economic tyranny to emerge and split the unity of socio-economic development.

The Role of the Consult in Social Demonstration

Across the globe, within nations, there exist groups of people who are cut off from resources and are often forgotten or considered hopeless. The challenge presented by this situation is to humanize social structures and to release the unique gifts of these people for the world. Catalytic action at the local level has been demonstrated in such communities, in a ghetto in Chicago, in an aboriginal village in Australia, and in the Marshall Islands. The catalytic methods used in these social demonstrations are an effective means by which these people can become self sustaining, and fully human communities of awakened, trained, and globally minded people.

The consult launches the social demonstration. Professionals with particular experience and local leaders gather in the community, envision what is necessary at that time and place, and begin the practical, comprehensive planning which will bring this vision to reality. By creating a motivated body of people with a common vision, the consult gives birth and sustenance to the social demonstration. It also allows people to participate as the global servant force.

The consult is a five­day workshop using methods of the Institute of Cultural Affairs. The participants analyze the local situation, create a vision for the community, discern what is blocking the realization of this vision, recommend a system of tactics, and commit themselves to an operating time line. Through sharing the work and a common reflective, symbolic and celebrative life, a global­local dynamic is experienced in the social demonstration area. This forges the vocational decisions that enable the community's engagement in the future.

In order to have an impact on the entire globe, a band of twenty­four social demonstrations will be established, eight per year for the next three years. Currently operating are CITY FIVE (U.S.A.), Oombulgurri (Australia), and Majuro (Marshall Islands). In the planning stage and to be initiated this year are Taj Gunj (India), Isle of Dogs (England), Jeju Do (Korea), Trastevere (Italy), and Kawangware (Kenya). The initial consults at each demonstration site will be staffed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, their consultants, and concerned citizens from various continents across the globe. The social demonstrations will erect a sign of radical possibility illustrating the methods whereby forsaken and forgotten people in the world become creative power. In turn, this reconstitutes the role of present institutions in serving local man and leads to impetus for the reconstruction of the globe being called forth in these times.