Summer '72





Summary paragraph of lecture read (because we had not hear the lecture).

Sitting by myself in the Local Church Office. . honeymoon came into focus.. didn't get off to good start ..unclear: honeymoon ettiquette.. Lyn hadn't made arrangements for the first night! .She finally got out of the car in New Orleans.. with no suitcase or purse..! finally drove back..mind goes blank here.. don't know how we ever met up again..beginning of a great honeymoon.


"David's lecture" dealt with being seduced by the mystery..racking self­doubt. Intro­ You doubt the self in the midst of the grasp of the glory of everything. auction Experience revelation as the revealing of more unrevelation: doesn't solve one thingit is precisely this second journey into the dark night. .you discover, of all things, you love God. Perpetual absense of the presence of God unfillable absence. The scandal is absolute nothingafter you've been wooed, seduced, compelled to fall in love, there's nothing thereJacob wrestling with the angel, gave him a name that's the hardest part, getting the poetry. Maybe it's like Heidichasing echoes. That doesn't really hold it. There's an unfillable vacancy. Or maybe it's 'Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child.' Now, that's my poetry, what's yours?

1. What poetry, from a song, movie, book, novel, your own deeps, points to that state?

­the wayfaring stranger ­no longer/not yet

­can't go home again ­Prufrock

­famine of the word ­long, lonely road

­no exit -and the loveless never find love

­Sr. Francis

  1. Now, in the Other World, what do you see? Don't sav anything, just look Look all at once. In taking a trip you don't say anything, just look at a little bit of landscape, … Now, we've got the landscape, what do you see out there? What is this state of being?

Questions ­unutterable grieving -melancholy

­misery that evaporates your tears ­indefinite longing

­quiet weeping -tender joy

­years before the fall ­inescapable futility

­completely lost

  1. Let's focus on the coagulation of happenings out of which that happened. What are the external goingonnesses in the midst of which this state occurred?

-Summer '71, events afterward -after graduation from college,

went home, cried

  1. Flip this.. as far as you are able to feel, what are the practical manifestations of this state? In everyday life? The indicative?

­When your existential model runs out -Owe nothing to nobody

­Struggle, control own hostility -No longer expecting answers ­Different state of being alone

Closing My Father .. RR man .. "All aboard" .. Anyone miss the train coming back?