10 assets

# 2,4,5,8,9 below are all from the same issue of EDGES

  1. Developing Practical Consensus, Gary Forbes and Cynthia Vance, Facilitation News, IAF, Vol 3, # 2, August 1996, p. 20, (Serial #14973). GO601   659   2C
  2. Disciplines of the Facilitator, Edges, Vol, 12, #1 (Serial #11029). G1601.12  7  B2
  3. Evolution of ICA’s Facilitation Methods, Brian Stanfield, 2003 (Serial #15364). G0601  659  2C
  4. Facilitator Competencies, International Association of Facilitators, EDGES, Vol.12, #1, p.22, April 2000 (Serial #11029).   G1601.12  7  B2
  5. A History of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), p.20, Beret Griffith and Jean Watts, EDGES, Vol. 7, # 2, September 1995 (Serial #11029.)  G1601.12  7  B2
  6. The Magic of the Facilitator, Brian Stanfield, EDGES, Vol. 6, # 3, September 1994 (Serial #10928).  G1601.12    659   7  B2
  7. Manual of Model Building, Joseph W. Mathews, The Ecumenical Institute: Chicago, Transcribed talk. (Serial # 9360).  G1301  659   5C
  8. The Teeth of Facilitation: When is Standing Up Like Falling Down, Jim Troxel,  EDGES, Vol.12, #1, p.16, April 2000 (Serial # 11029).  G1601.12  7  B2
  9. Transforming the Experience of Work, Next Steps in the Technology of Meaning (article),Ann Epps and John Epps, EDGES, Vol. 12, #1, April 2000, p.38 (Serial#11029).  G1601.12  7  B2
  10. Transformational Strategy, Bill Staples, iUniverse 2013,
  11. Transparent Strategy (article), Brian Stanfield, EDGES, Vol. 7, # 2, September 1995 (Serial 10856)  G1601.12   7  B2


Battleplanning, Maneuver Building and Model Building: Short Term Methods for Effective Action and Implementation

Charting, Timelining, Wall of Wonder: Deep dialogue with written material, the flow of life. Taking a broad relationship to any situation

  • Charting, Methods Paper, Joseph PIerce, The Institute of Cultural Affairs, no date. (Golden Pathways 101309)

  • Charting, 5 paragraphs, Joseph W. Mathews, The Ecumenical Institute, November 29,1968, (Golden Pathways 100131)

  • Charting As A Life Method, Methods Paper, Robert Shropshire, Spring, 1971. Chicago Centrums, The Institute of Cultural Affairs, (Golden Pathways 101021)
  • Methodologies and Insights of Timelining, Collegium C, July 26, 1970

  • The Theology of Charting Methodology, Gene Marshall, The Global Academy, Imaginal Methods course (IM-A)October 16, 1971, Paul Evan’s Tape Collection, Cassette 90

NOTE: Paul Evans Collection materials are in the Global Archive.

Collegium, Ecclesiola (To be added)

Consensus (To be added)

The Consensus We Seek, Gordon Harper, Seattle, for ToP


Corporate Writing

Design Conference (To be added)


Facilitations Methods

  • Operational Dimensions of Facilitation, IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation, Jon Jenkins, ed. Sandor Schuman, 2005, p.473

  • Proactive Public Meetings, Duncan Holmes, EDGES: Dynamic Facilitation, January 1996, Vol.7, No.3, p. 4
  • When Do You Need A Facilitator?, Vance Engleman, Options International.

Gridding (To be added)

Large Scale Conferencing

  • Global Research Assembly, Room E

Lecture Building, Lesson Planning, Seminar Methodology, Pedagogical Style

  • Classroom Dynamics, Gene Marshall, Seminar Methodology (SM), Paul Evans Tape Collection, Cassette 92, Digital File

  • Building a Lecture Through Ordering Your Life Experience,
  • Lecture Methodology, Lecture I, John Baggett, Global Academy, November 14, 1971, Paul Evans Tape Collection, Cassette 93, Digital File

  • Lecture Methodology, Lecture II, Gene Marshall, Global Academy, November 14,1971, Paul Evans Tape Collection, Cassette 94, Digital File

  • Pedagogical Style, Lecture III, Brian Stanfield, Global Academy, November 14, 1971, Paul Evans Tape Collection, Cassette 94, Digital File

  • Passion in Pedagogy, Joseph Pierce, Symbolic Centrum, February 26, 1971
  • Seminar Methodology – Lesson Planning, John Baggett, The Global Academy, October 30, 1971, Paul Evans Tape Collection, Cassette 92, Digital File
  • Seminar Methodology – Classroom Dynamics, Gene Marshall, The Global Academy, October 1971, Paul Evans Tape Collection, Cassette 92, Digital File

Strategic Planning

  • Living Effectively in the New Society (LENS Course)

Teams and Teamwork (To be added)

Problem Solving Unit (PSU)

  • What is a PSU?, transcribed talk by Jan Dodds, Paul Evans Collection, Cassette 23


APPLICATIONS & RESULTS: Action reviews, stories and written cases

Participation Works, Business Cases From Around the World, General Editor, James P. Troxel, Miles RIver Press, 1993. NOTE: All articles were written by ICA Colleagues

Government Works, Profiles of People Making a Difference, General Editor, James P. Troxel, Miles River Press, 1995, Articles  by ICA Colleagues:

  • Chapter 3 – Winds of Change n the Valley of the Sun, Shirley Heckman and Tammy Bosse, p.41

  • Chapter 7 – Building the Habit of Transformation in the State of Minnesota, Mirja Hanson & Sue Laxdal, p.131

  • Chapter 9 – Reshaping a Judicial System, Heidi Kolbe, p. 183

  • Chapter 10 – A Tribal Nation Moving Into the 21st Century, Kim Alire Epley and Jackie Miller, p. 205

  • Chapter 14 – The FDA as Maze and Model, David Dunn, p. 303

  • Chapter 16 – Rallying to Save Louisiana Wetlands, 1995, Jean Watts with Kirk Cheramie, p.345

FACILITATION PRACTICES: Skills and competencies and knowing, doing and being of facilitators

  • Clues to Achieving Consensus, A Leader’s Guide to Navigating Collaborative Problem Solving, Mirja P.Hanson, Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2005

  • IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation, Ed. Sandor Schuman, Facilitation from the Inside Out, John Epps, p.563

  • IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation, Ed. Sandor Schuman, Jossey-Bass, 2005, Affirmative Facilitation, An Asset Based Approach to Process Facilitation, Jim Troxel, p 591

  • MORE than 50 Ways to BUILD Team Consensus, Second Edition, R. Bruce WIlliams, Corwin Press, 2007

  • The Art of Focused Conversation, 100 Ways to Access Group WIsdom in the Workplace, ed. R. Brian Williams, New Society Publishers, 2000

  • The Art of Focused Conversation for Schools, Over 100 Ways to Guide Clear Thinking and Promote Learning, Jo Nelson, New Society Publishers, 2001

  • The Courage to Lead: Transform Self, Transform Society, Second edition, iUniverse, 2012

  • Twelve Roles of Facilitators for Social Change, R. Bruce WIlliams, IRI SkyLight Training and Publishing, Inc., 1997

  • Winning Through Participation, Meeting the Challenge of Corporate Change with the Technology of Participation, Laura J. Spencer, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 1989



Institute of Cultural Affairs: Technology of Participation (ToP) Certification

The International Association of Facilitators – Facilitator Competencies                     

PROCEDURES & TOOLS (To be added)

RESULTS: Accomplishments & failures counted, measured, witnessed, recorded in some way  (To be added)

SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY: Relevance now. What facilitiation contributes to the civilizing process.(To be added)  add Wayne Nelson’s article


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