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ICA USA Announces Greenrise Panel Commissioning


ICA’s Month-Long Events Include Climate March, Screening of “The New Environmenalists”
Climate Discussions and Solar Panel Unveiling during at Share Fair, September 24
CHICAGO – The Institute of Cultural Affairs in the USA (ICA) is proudly celebrating “ICA
Sustainable September”, a month-long series of events to raise awareness of global climate
change issues. It culminates with a Share Fair and Solar Panel Unveiling on Wednesday, Sept. 24 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the ICA GreenRise building, 4750 N. Sheridan Road. The “ICA Sustainable September” events include participation in The Great March for Climate Action, Sept. 6 and a free screening of “The New Environmentalists”, Sept. 11. ICA is also hosting complementary programs on Sept. 18 and 19 with presentations by WGN-TV weatherman Tom Skilling, Nobel Laureate Donald Wuebbles and famed climatalogist George Marshall. ICA concludes the celebration at the Share Fair on Sept. 24 with the unveiling of nearly 500 commissioned solar panels at the ICA GreenRise building. This accomplishment marks the largest number of solar panels on a building outside of Downtown Chicago. For more information visit

For more, see the press release:

Announcing the first Global Archives Research Assembly (GARA)

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the ICA,

We want invite you to the first Global Archives Research Assembly (GARA) to be held in Chicago and online during the week of September 20-27th. There are numerous ways you can participate and the amount of time you can is up to you. There are many current collections that already are ready for public viewing and will be active sites for continuing additions and new areas of both theoretical and action research. For example both the Imaginal Education Collection and the Social Process Collection will have active research before, during and after the GARA. We are also looking at what might be a Spirit Life for the week as well. James Wiegel is looking for ideas that could be helpful for all who participate and any ideas you have for such a component are certainly welcome.

I am enclosing two items to help you in your thinking. One is a link to the site where you can see the invitation we sent to all the Global ICA’s as well as a place where you can add your name and information regarding participation. It also has a place where you can ask questions of clarification that we can answer for you. In addition, we plan to add a space on the bottom where active research teams can post a brief explanation of the work they intend to do for the GARA. So you may want to check on this site as it will be the place to find out more information for you.

The second item is a chart of the Accessioning work we did of what we have in the ICA Chicago archives. This is not a Collection chart, but the areas where collections can be created that use the resources. We especially need people who might come for the week and help in assisting the working Collections in finding and scanning archived material. We have already scanned hundreds of pages, but there is much more to do. Also, we are building the GARA around the date of the Solar Panel Dedication event that will happen in Chicago. We see this as a part of the GreenRise Collection (could be expanded to other environmental work being done by you and other ICA’s).

So please go to the Google.doc site and take a look and join us in this creative adventure, which we are calling “Creating the Future of our Past!”


Jack Gilles
For the GARA Design Team