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Accessing Files in the Archives:

Document List by Title and Author: A list of linked database files: 19K;  659; 653; Basement; Category searches when done, e.g. Training, Inc./Academy/

Documents Indexed Linked to Digital Versions as of September 2014: 1,200

Golden Pathways

The Repository


ARCHIVE HANDBOOK: How to prepare archive material

Table of Contents  

1. Archive file Archive file folder processing detail and quality control (4 pp)

2. Archive file folder processing procedure (5 pp) 

3. Tracking Sheet – Archive Folder Processing (1 p)

4. Record Accession, Arrangement, Description, and Access (4 pp)

5. Instructions for File Maker Accession Database in the Cloud.  Click here to learn how you can add your own valuable files to our burgeoning online archive database


ICA Global Archives – Outrageous Accomplishments

Books By ICA Colleagues

A History of the Archives,  starting in 1952. The evolution of the EI/O:E/ICA archives into The Global Archive Project; the persistence of the people who kept the archives alive; and the leaps made in the past few years.


Supporting Documentation

A. The Category List for the Global Archive of the Ecumenical Institute-Order Ecumenical-Institute of Cultural Affairs   The Category List includes category names used when logging documents and artifacts into FileMaker Pro. It includes cateogories for Joseph W. Mathews (JWM) files sent to Weslyan University Archives.

B.   Taxonomy, the Classification of Items in the Archive The Taxonomy has three areas: Area I – artform, media/audio; visual/music;  Area II – constructs, publications; Area III – transcriptions, correspondence & communication/documentation. 

C. Tongue-in-Cheek Glossary for Impromptu Volunteer Archivists Volunteer archivists learn a new language.

D.  ICA Archives Accession Groupings   A comprehensive chart of all sections of the ICA Global Archives   Click here to see an overview holding chart of Global Archive holdings

E.  Collection Clusters with Symbols Click to see various arrangements of collections and potential collections

F. Symbol Notebook (Paul has) Photographs taken of an assortment of symbols in the Audio/Visual Collection

G. Tips of the Iceberg Image  A way of imaging the huge task of dealing with many potential collections and thousands of documents by Identifying the tips of the Iceberg.



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