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This page contains a directory for web pages for different collections of the ICA Global Archives. The purpose of these sites is to make key pieces of the historical work of the Institute of Cultural Affairs and the Ecumenical Institute available to those who might find it useful in current work addressing contemporary issues and concerns.  These collections are in various stages of completeness either “Ready to go” or “In Process”.  Follow the links below to visit the collections and contact the collection curator for each.  Additional collections will be added as they become available.


Facilitation Methods

Developing Methods for Effective Collective Action  In Process


Accelerate 77Ready to Go

Service Learning:  In Process

Humimage006an Development Projects: Ready to Go


skarrowsSpirit Methods Exploring, Living and Celebrating Our Human Spirit  Just Started


Social Process  Analyzing How Societies Work, Face Challenges and Can Be Shaped Ready to Go


Strategic Planning: Introducing Transformational Strategic Thinking to Communities and Organizations  Ready to Go

New Religious Mode:  Ready to Go

ICA GreenRise:  Ready to Go


Imaginal Education
Creating Methods, Structures and Courage for Transformative Education Ready to Go

Fifth City:  Catalyzing Local Community Development on a Worldwide Scale Ready to Go

Global Community Forumtm76Providing opportunity for neighbors to sit down and plan together  In Process


Global Academy: Awakening Profound Selfhood: RS-1, ITI and the Academy  In Process

LoEcumenicalinstitutecal Church Experiment:  Designing and Implementing a Strategy for the Renewal of the Church : The Local Church Experiment Just Started

IroncrossGlobal Spirit Movement  Building and Sustaining a Global Movement  Ready to Go

Demoierdn-strating International Collaboration and Sharing  Just Starting


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  1. Oliveann Slotta

    I don’t know what to say. This is pretty impressive! It is beautiful; it is clear on the progress; it all seems to work! Cudos to the team!!

  2. Nancy trask

    It looks wonderful on my phone. Love the symbols, of course!! I will look at it on my computer as well. Congrats on this great undertaking and enormous progress!!!


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